Google Shutting Down Google Business Profile Website Builder

With the upcoming closure of over 20 million sites created using Google Business Profile website builder, many business owners will soon face the task of transitioning their websites to new online platforms.

An illustration of a crane tearing down a building that represent Google business pages

Google recently announced that March 1, 2024 marks the end of Google Business Profile Websites. This was a service that offered a quick solution to craft a web presence based on Google Business Profile information.

It’s important to note that Google Business Profiles are not going anywhere.

This might be the right time to consider the benefits of platforms like WordPress, where an array of tools awaits to create an engaging and optimized website. Understanding the range of website builders, including easy-to-use templates and SEO optimization features, will put you in command of your online presence. Moreover, dedicating efforts to bolster your local SEO can further enhance your visibility and draw local customers right to your doorstep.

Shutdown Specifics


  • Closure Date: Business websites created with Google’s free service will cease to function starting March 1, 2024.
  • Redirect Period: Until June 10, 2024, existing domains (including ones ending in “” or will automatically forward visitors to the corresponding Google Business Profile.
  • Post-Redirect: After June 10, these URLs will lead to a “page not found” message.

Action Required:

  • Update Needed: To maintain an online presence, you’re advised to point your profile to a new webpage.

Additional Information:

  • Domains Affected: Links specifically with or suffixes.
  • Google’s Advice: Significant emphasis on transition to a new forefront for your business information.

Maintain awareness of these critical dates and ensure a smooth transition to avoid disruptions in your online customer interactions.

Replace Your Google Business Profile Website

Switching to WordPress for Enhanced Performance

If you’re searching for a more robust and dynamic alternative to your soon-to-be-decommissioned Google Business Profile website, WordPress is your best bet. It is renowned for its ease of use and flexibility, bolstered by thousands of plugins and themes to elevate your site’s functionality and aesthetic without the need for professional web design services. Transitioning to WordPress means you’re choosing a platform familiar to numerous developers, which simplifies finding support or assistance.

Hosting Your WordPress Site with Confidence

Consider secure WordPress hosting solutions when establishing your web presence. Many web hosting companies include one-click WordPress installations. This hassle-free approach allows you to have WordPress set up at the touch of a button, after which you can explore various free themes that align with your brand and style preferences.

Is a Website Necessary for Your Business?

Advantages of Your Google Business Profile Website

Your Google Business Profile acts as a digital storefront, allowing customers to discover your offerings. It’s a place where business owners can present beneficial information, such as hours of operation and services, which aids potential customers in their decision-making process.

Significance of Having an Online Footprint

An online presence goes beyond just visibility; it’s about reaching customers where they spend a great deal of time. With a business website, you enhance your visibility, reinforcing trust and ensuring customers have access to your information on multiple platforms.

Our WordPress Hosting Solutions

We provide robust WordPress Web Hosting tailored for businesses of all sizes. Embrace a seamless digital experience for business owners looking to establish or strengthen their online presence, ensuring their sites are both reliable and accessible to customers worldwide.

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Comparison Between Google Business Profile Website and Google Business Profile

Google’s Website Builder:

  • Initially provided as a no-cost solution for small businesses to craft simple websites.
  • Offered through the Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).
  • The tool enabled users to generate a website quickly using data from their business profile.
  • Limited customization and functionality compared to full-fledged website platforms.

Google Business Profile:

  • Continues to serve as a free directory listing service on Google.
  • Allows businesses to manage how their information is displayed on Google Search and Maps.
  • Essential for local SEO, helping businesses to be found by local customers.
  • Profiles include key business details like location, hours, and services.

Key Differences:

  • Usage: Website Builder was for creating basic websites, while Business Profile is for listing details on Google’s services.
  • Customization: Website Builder had limited design options, whereas Business Profile allows for more extensive information about your business.
  • Control: Owning a website provides more control over content and branding; Business Profile is constrained by Google’s format.

Be sure to find a suitable alternative for your website needs and update your Google Business Profile accordingly. Moving to a dedicated hosting service can offer many benefits, including increased flexibility and improved SEO performance for your business.

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