What is a Web Site Audit?

Our website audit goes by many names; website review, website assessment, on-page analysis, website report, website check, website examination, website review checklist and Website Audit.

Our web audit is a meticulous checklist website evaluation of various elements of your website, encompassing its technical SEO components, on-page content aspects, website speed, accessibility, navigation, meta analysis, and dozens of other SEO factors.

We check over 100 key search engine ranking factors!

Our audit report also includes clear explanations in plain English with directions on how to fix any found website issues.

Technical SEO

Our audit can help websites optimize visibility and ranking with search engines by evaluating their compliance to the latest SEO industry best practices and standards to ensure optimal performance.


We will conduct a thorough security scan of your website for potential vulnerabilities, evaluate its performance and speed, and check to ensure compliance with web standards and protocols.


UX (user experience) design is important for SEO because it can affect the visibility of a website in search engine results. Search engines like Google reward websites with good UX with higher ranking.


Website accessibility is critical for SEO success as it ensures that all users are able to access the website, which can boost search engine rankings and improve visibility. Search engines reward this.


Please be aware that certain checklist items and content from this sample report have been intentionally obscured to highlight the audit's structure and presentation elements.

As well, this is just a very small portion of the complete website audit.

100+ Item Checklist

Our technical SEO Audit includes real recommendations to follow, with extra information for novices. No automation, just real strategies for Google's latest algorithms.

Priority Support

We offer priority post-audit email support for the initial 30 days following your website audit with any questions related to your web audit.
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Our Website Audits Are Written With Real Advice

Our Website Audit is critical to understanding what could be affecting and holding back your website from performing better on search engines. It goes beyond keywords to other issues important to SEO. You should run an Audit regularly to understand what is going on with your site that you may be unaware of.

Our Website Audit can uncover critical - and often unseen - problems like slow loading times, broken links, coding errors, duplicate content, structure issues, and accessibility blocks. Knowing to repair these examples can increase traffic, engagement, and conversions.

Your website should experience improved and long-lasting organic search engine rankings following any recommendations found our Website Audit report for your website.

Our Website Audit is essential if you’re looking to save money and enjoy long term results!

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