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This FAQ page is designed to answer your most pressing questions about our WordPress Webmaster services. However, if you find that your specific concern isn’t addressed here or you need further clarification, we’re just a message away.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable support team, who are always ready to assist you with any additional queries or unique challenges you might encounter.

What is included in my Webmaster Service subscription?

With a subscription to our Webmaster services, you get a webmaster on call for any question or task. You also gain access to our extensive library of popular licensed premium WordPress plugins – accompanied by regular updates for as long as your account remains active.

How are WordPress plugin updates handled?

Plugin updates are provided at no additional cost and do not count towards your Assistant Hours, ensuring your service is uninterrupted. However, to receive these complimentary updates, your Webmaster package must be active, and we must have access to your WordPress dashboard.

What are assistant hours, and how are they used?

Assistant hours are a core feature of our Webmaster services, giving you access to professional assistance for a variety of tasks. Each task is expertly performed by our webmasters and subtracted from your available assistant hours in 15-minute increments. 

Some examples of typical tasks that fall under assistant hours include:

  • Content updates and moderation of comments on your website
  • Performance maintenance tasks like clearing the website cache, database optimization, and site speed reviews
  • Email account management, including setting up autoresponders, email forwarding, and newsletter subscriptions
  • E-commerce updates, such as making price changes for products and services
  • SEO support, including broken link monitoring and repair, directory submissions, and sitemap creation
  • Technical setup tasks like htaccess configuration, DNS record updates, web forwarding, and Google Analytics integration
  • Design tweaks, including simple CSS changes and customizing the 404 error page
  • General updates, such as adding text and images, updating event listings, and managing contact information or calendar events

Prior to undertaking any task, we will consult with you to provide an estimate of how much time the request is anticipated to take. This estimation will take into account the unique nature of each task to ensure fair and efficient use of your assistant hours.

Our goal is to provide clarity and manage expectations, helping you to make the most of our services.

How soon will you respond to my assistance requests?

When you reach out to us with a request for assistance (via email or any contact form on our website), you can typically expect an initial response within 1-6 hours on average. The exact timing for this initial contact may vary depending on the nature of your inquiry and the current queue of requests we are managing.

Following our first response, we aim to maintain a consistent flow of communication, providing updates and follow-up correspondence every few hours. Our team works diligently to address your needs and keep you informed of the progress being made.

Please note that while we strive to meet these communication standards, the complexity and uniqueness of each task may affect how quickly we can resolve your particular issue or inquiry. Rest assured, our team is committed to providing high-quality, timely support and keeping you apprised of developments as promptly as possible.

Can I roll over unused assistant hours to the next month?

Unused assistant hours can not roll over to the following months. We encourage grouping your maintenance or other requests together.

What if I need additional assistance beyond my package hours?

Additional hours can be purchased at discounted prepaid rates or standard hourly rates as detailed on our website.

Can I transfer unused assistant hours or package features to another account?

System limitations prevent the transfer of unused hours or features to other accounts. But again, talk to us, let’s see if we can work something out.

What payment methods are accepted for the Webmaster services?

We accept payments through PayPal which allow for credit cards including Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Discover and Amex. We also accept e-transfer payments.

If I am not satisfied with the service, what is your refund policy?

As our Webmaster services involve significant manual labor and dedication to each client’s unique needs, we operate under a strict no-refund policy. The expertise, time, and resources that our team invests in delivering high-quality service are non-retrievable, and as such, we cannot offer refunds once work has commenced.

We recognize that this policy might seem stringent, but it is in place to ensure fairness and sustainability of the services we offer. To help mitigate concerns and demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction, we encourage clients who may be uncertain about committing to our services to start on our smallest package on a monthly basis.

Should any aspect of our service not meet your expectations, we urge you to contact us immediately. Our priority is to work with you to resolve any issues and ensure that you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Do you offer any discounts for long-term commitments to Webmaster packages?

We value our clients’ dedication and offer an appealing discount for those who commit to our services for the long term. When you choose an annual subscription, you’re eligible for a special offer: pay for 10 months upfront and receive an entire year of service. That’s 2 extra months free!

Here’s how our long-term commitment discount works:

  1. Annual Subscription Option:
    • Select the annual subscription at checkout, which is set at a price equivalent to 10 months of service.
    • This offer is clearly presented as our ‘Annual Discount’ and provides a considerable saving compared to month-to-month payments.
  2. No Mid-Term Proration:
    • Please note that prorated billing for a change in subscription mid-term is not available.
    • If you wish to upgrade to an annual subscription during your current term, our customer service team will be ready to guide you through this process.
  3. Clear Communication:
    • We ensure all details regarding subscription terms and discounts are transparent on our subscription options page.
    • If you have any questions or need assistance with your subscription plan, our dedicated customer support team is here to help.

Our aim with this discount is to provide a straightforward and rewarding option for our customers who are ready to make a longer-term investment in their website’s success.

Should you have any inquiries or require assistance concerning upgrades or other subscription adjustments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

What is the process for billing cycles and subscription modifications?

Billing cycles can be monthly or annually. Pausing your account is only possible upon renewal, not during an active term. Make your requests directly by emailing support@tresseo.com so that you have a record of your request.

Can I use the Webmaster services for multiple domains or websites?

Each Webmaster service package is tailored to support one domain or website. This focused approach ensures that every site receives the full attention and resources that it needs. If you manage multiple domains or websites, they will each require their own dedicated Webmaster service package.

We recognize that our clients may oversee several projects, which is why we offer the possibility of bulk discounts for clients who need to subscribe to multiple packages. Should you find yourself in this situation, please contact us to discuss the opportunities for a customized solution that meets the unique needs of your portfolio of websites.

Can I retain ownership of any provided website content and materials?


What do you mean by one, two and three Points of Contact?

The terms “one,” “two,” and “three Points of Contact” typically refer to the number of individuals from your organization who are authorized to communicate with a support or service team, such as a technical support, customer service, or account management team. Let’s break down what each term generally means in a client-service provider relationship:

One Point of Contact (POC):

  • This is a single person in your organization who acts as the liaison between your business and the service provider.
  • Communication is streamlined as it goes through one channel, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication or conflicting requests.
  • This is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses or startups where fewer people are involved in decision-making.

Two Points of Contact:

  • Two individuals from your organization are authorized to communicate with the service provider.
  • This can be useful for businesses where responsibilities may be split among individuals or to ensure continuity of communication if one person is unavailable (e.g., due to vacation or illness).

Three Points of Contact:

  • Three designated representatives from your organization can reach out to the support or service team.
  • This can be beneficial for larger organizations where multiple departments might need to interface with the service provider, or for added redundancy and breadth of coverage.

Additional points of contact may be available upon request.

How is confidential information and data handled?

We take your privacy and data security extremely seriously. In alignment with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and other relevant data protection laws, we adhere to strict privacy policies. These policies are in place to ensure the confidentiality and protection of any personal information you share with us.

Our industry-standard security measures are designed to safeguard your data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. The trust you place in us is not taken lightly, and we are committed to maintaining the highest level of privacy and security for all our clients.

Should you have any questions about how we store, use, or manage your data, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re transparent about our practices and are here to address any concerns you may have.

Please contact our support team for specific needs or concerns.

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