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This FAQ section aims to provide solutions to the most essential inquiries related to our website hosting services. If you discover that your particular issue has not been answered or if further explanation is required, remember that we are only a message away.

Please feel free to contact our approachable and expert support team at any time. They are prepared to provide assistance for any extra questions or specific situations you may face.

What makes your Canadian hosting service unique for webmasters and web designers? 

The TresSEO servers are optimized for speed and performance, specifically tailored for WordPress and other database-driven applications. Additionally, we operate under the highest security and data privacy standards.

How does your web hosting service ensure data privacy and security? 

OVH’s hosting infrastructure complies with several industry-standard security certifications, ensuring that clients’ data is protected with state-of-the-art measures. Among these are ISO/IEC 27001, which is a globally recognized standard for managing information security, and PCI DSS for secure credit card processing. These certifications demonstrate OVH’s commitment to maintaining the security, confidentiality, and integrity of clients’ data.

Can you detail the hosting packages available? 

All web hosting packages include a dedicated DirectAdmin control panel, unlimited email addresses, and the Softaculous web application one-click installer. The primary differentiators between packages are the storage, data transfer capabilities, and how many websites can be hosted within the same account.Specific details can be found on our web hosting page.

How can existing clients migrate their websites to your hosting service? 

WordPress site migrations with server or dashboard access can often be done for free.

What customer support options are available? 

All clients have access to email support 24/7. The higher-tier webmaster package clients may gain access to additional support channels such as SMS and Facebook Messenger.

Do you offer server backups?

We do not offer server-wide backups as a default part of our hosting packages. However, we understand the importance of data integrity and offer a paid backup service for clients who prefer not to manage backups themselves. We recommend clients opt for this service to secure their WordPress websites with regular and reliable backups.

How do you handle websites that exceed their allocated data transfer or disc space? 

Given our generous resource allocations, our hosting service is well-equipped to handle significant amounts of traffic and data. We have yet to encounter an instance where a client’s usage has even approached 5% of the assigned resource limits.

In the unlikely event that a client’s usage does exceed their allocated resources, we will engage in a dialogue with them to find an appropriate solution, which may include upgrading to a package that better fits their needs.

What uptime can I expect with your hosting service? 

We strive to ensure that our hosting service remains as reliable as possible, and while we cannot claim an official uptime guarantee, our historical uptime rate of 99.99% demonstrates our dedication.

Our own website operates on the same servers, meaning any downtime affecting our clients would impact us equally. We have extensive monitoring systems that send immediate emergency SMS notifications to our team should the servers experience any downtime, ensuring that we can act swiftly, 24/7, to resolve issues.

What is your policy on email usage? 

Our hosting is equipped with anti-bulk emailing measures to maintain security and performance, with a limit set at 300 emails per hour. We do not allow for email forwarding, but we can help you set up alternatives.

How does your hosting contribute to environmental sustainability? 

Local hydroelectricity is utilized to power our servers and implement energy-efficient infrastructure and cooling systems to minimize environmental impact.

Can I host multiple domains on a single account? 

Our hosting packages allow for multiple domains to be hosted under a single account, depending on the chosen package. However, clients should note that all accounts come with a shared allocation of 1GB of core RAM. This limit applies to the entire account, not per individual website, so it is important to consider the combined resource needs of all hosted websites to ensure optimal performance.

How can new clients get started with your hosting service? 

The process involves agreeing to our terms, completing payment, and then receiving login access to their Direct Admin control panel along with how-to guides.

Are there any specific Canadian laws I should be aware of when hosting my site with you? 

Websites hosted in Canada are subject to strict data privacy legislation. The primary regulations include:

  • The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA): This federal privacy law regulates how private sector organizations collect, use, and disclose personal information in the course of commercial business.
  • Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL): This law sets the rules for the sending of marketing or promotional information through electronic channels and establishes requirements for obtaining consent.
  • Provincial Laws: Specific provinces such as British Columbia and Quebec have their own privacy laws (e.g., Quebec’s Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector) that may be applicable.
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