Videos Should Not Auto-Start

Auto-starting videos can create a poor user experience for both users and search engines. For users, it can be disruptive and intrusive if an element is automatically pushing them to watch something that they may not have intended to watch.

Additionally, the audio from the video could start playing without being requested which is inconvenient and can potentially ruin a pleasant online experience. From an SEO perspective, auto-starting videos can be damaging because they can significantly increase page load speed, which can have a negative effect on the user experience and on the website’s overall ranking in the search engine results page.

Auto-starting media can lead to a crucial drop in the click-through rate which can further affect organic ranking. In terms of web accessibility, auto-starting videos can be a problem for people who are visually impaired because they rely on screen readers or other accessible technologies to interpret the content of a website. Automatically starting videos can interfere with these technologies, making it more difficult to access the content.

Additionally, auto-starting audio can make it more difficult for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals to access the content, as many of these technologies don’t support audio.

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