Understanding Call To Action (CTA)

CTA stands for “Call to Action” on a website.

It refers to a specific element or message on a website that prompts visitors to take a desired action. The purpose of a CTA is to guide users toward a conversion, such as making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, downloading a resource, or contacting the company.

You should have a prominent CTA on your homepage and at least one general CTA per page, ideally above the fold.

CTAs should be in the form of a button on a website because it is the most effective way to drive user action. Instead of a link that needs to be clicked on, a button stands out and is easier for the user to see and interact with. It is also the quickest way for users to take action and helps create an effective and efficient conversion.

Why Make CTAs Buttons?

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CTAs are often designed to look like buttons on a website due to several reasons. Firstly, buttons have a distinct visual appearance that helps them stand out from other elements on the page.

By using solid colors, borders, and shading, buttons can easily capture users’ attention and draw their focus towards the intended action. This visual differentiation ensures that CTAs are easily identifiable and encourages users to engage with them.

Additionally, buttons are widely recognized as interactive elements. Users are accustomed to interacting with buttons to perform actions, whether it’s on websites, mobile apps, or other digital platforms. By employing button-like designs for CTAs, users perceive these elements as clickable and interactive, creating a sense of familiarity and encouraging them to click on the CTA.

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Moreover, the trend towards mobile browsing further emphasizes the significance of using button-like designs for CTAs. Buttons offer a larger, more touch-friendly target area, which is particularly important on smaller mobile screens. By designing CTAs as buttons, websites ensure a better mobile user experience by providing an easier, more accurate tap target for users.

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