The Right Body Text Size

Having readable font sizes is crucial for ensuring that all users can comfortably absorb the content on your website. It helps improve accessibility and user engagement.

If visitors find it difficult to read the text due to small font sizes, they may leave the page, leading to higher bounce rates, reduced time on site, and lower user satisfaction. These factors can indirectly impact your SEO rankings.

Search engines like Google value user experience and accessibility. Therefore, providing clear and legible text by using appropriate font sizes can contribute to a positive user experience, resulting in better SEO performance.

Body text on a website must be at least 12 px because smaller fonts can be difficult to read on a computer monitor, which often has a lower resolution than printed materials. We recommend your minimum body text size be at least 14 px.

Smaller font sizes are especially hard for older people to read due to vision changes that occur with age. A 14px body text helps ensure that everyone, regardless of age, can interpret and understand what is written on a website. The ideal body text size can be 14 to 18 px and large text should be at least 24 px.

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