Tel Protocol

The “tel:” link protocol is used in HTML to create clickable phone numbers that can be dialed when clicked on a mobile device. It is commonly used in mobile websites or email signatures to make it easy for users to call a phone number with a single click. For example, when a “Call us” link is clicked on a mobile device, it will prompt the user to make a call to the specified phone number.

Such as: tel:15551235555 (not a real number but will prompt your browser to use a

The tel: protocol is particularly helpful for accessibility because it simplifies the process of dialing phone numbers for individuals with disabilities or limitations. For users with motor impairments or visual impairments, manually dialing a phone number on a touch screen can be challenging. By using the tel: protocol, they can simply tap on the phone number displayed on a website or in an email to initiate a call.

This functionality improves accessibility by reducing the physical effort involved in dialing a phone number and simplifies the overall user experience. It is especially beneficial for individuals with motor disabilities, elderly users, or anyone who may find it challenging to accurately dial a number.

Importance on SEO & UX

In terms of SEO, including a “tel” link is of relatively low importance, rating 2 out of 10. While it may not directly impact search engine rankings, it can still contribute to a positive user experience and convenience. However, in terms of user experience, a “tel” link holds significant importance, rating 9 out of 10. It provides mobile users with an effortless and convenient way to initiate phone calls, enhancing usability and streamlining communication.

If you want people to call you, include a “tel:” link with the phone number on your website.

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