What is the Flesch Reading-Ease Score?

Importance Rating of 6/10 of the Flesch Reading-Ease Score and Readability

The Flesch Reading-Ease Score is beneficial for SEO as it aids in assessing the readability of a website. It assesses the comprehension level of a website or web page’s content.

A higher score indicates that the content is more readable and understandable. This is critical for search engine rankings as it encourages users to remain on the website and engage with the material.

You can use www.wordcounter.net to measure readability.

The score measures the readability of text based on factors like sentence length and word complexity. It provides a numerical value. Higher scores indicating easier readability. Adhering to this score can benefit your content by making it more accessible to a wider audience and increasing user engagement.

ScoreSchool level gradeAverage words per sentenceSyllables per 100 wordsNotes
90-1005th grade8-14100-140Very easy to read. Easily understood by an average 11-year-old student.
80-896th grade11-1790-110Easy to read. Conversational English for consumers.
70-797th grade15-2080-100Fairly easy to read.
60-698th & 9th grade18-2570-90Plain English. Easily understood by 13- to 15-year-old students.
50-59High school20-2760-70Fairly difficult to read.
30-49College25-3050-60Difficult to read.
0-29College graduate30+0-50Very difficult to read. Best understood by university graduates.

It’s crucial to recognize that the Flesch Reading-Ease Score is merely one element among many criteria points that search engines utilize for content assessment.

The emphasis for search engines lies predominantly on factors such as the content’s relevance, the user’s search intent, and the comprehensive quality of the content presented. Though readability contributes to the overall content quality, it isn’t the exclusive factor influencing SEO effectiveness.

As a result, it’s recommended to employ the Flesch Reading-Ease Score as a guide to enhance the clarity and accessibility of your content. Yet, this tool should not overshadow the importance of other vital SEO components, including keyword optimization, a well-organized content structure, and the degree to which the content addresses the needs of your intended audience.

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